The client is a small Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) company whose main product is a web- and mobile app-based CRM for gyms and fitness centers. With their CRM, fitness centers can conduct enrollments for its members online, manage class schedules, supervise the instructors of each class, and run payments and recurring billing.

Although it seemed that the client’s website was generating leads, a close inspection of their Google Analytics data showed that most of these came from direct traffic. Their existing customers would refer the client to some of their peers, and only the ones that operated in a different market. These leads would then visit the demo and sign up for a free trial.

As a SaaS company eager to scale, the client urgently needed a solution that could unlock their growth potential. They approached Alpha Peak with one goal:


Drive organic traffic to the website and app to generate leads and sales.


SAAS Company

*Names and identifying details have been withheld to protect the client’s privacy

What We Did

Website redesign and organic SEO campaign.

The Strategy

Step 1: Rebuild Website for SEO

Migrate to WordPress

Because their website was built on native HTML and not a CMS, the client could only implement 30% of our SEO analyst’s recommendations.

To execute an Organic SEO campaign properly, Alpha Peak proposed to rebuild their site on WordPress that would match the exact look and feel of the existing one.

Step 2

Redesign Site Structure

The site structure and navigation were redesigned to be Search Engine- and user-friendly. For instance, the client’s existing blog, which was on a subdomain, was moved to the main site to maximize impact on SEO. The client’s custom software was also moved to more secure and non-indexed subdomain.

Step 3

Mobile-Responsive Design

Alpha Peak’s Web Development Team followed responsive design best practices and made sure to create a consistent and on-brand user experience no matter what device the website was being viewed on.

Step 4: Organic SEO Campaign

On-Page Optimization

Once the website was migrated to WordPress, Alpha Peak’s team quickly implemented the following changes:

  • Landing page creation – Landing pages were created and optimized to target high-value search queries, and align the page to visitor intent.
  • Content Optimization – The metadata, headers, and web content of pages from the old site were optimized to better target high-value keywords.
  • Schema Implementation – Structured data was embedded on the client’s website to make it more intelligible to Search Engines.
Step 5

Off Page Optimization

Alpha Peak’s Off Page Optimization activity consisted of creating high-quality content, such as guest blogs, videos, and press releases, and disseminated these to highly authoritative websites. The client was also asked to collect reviews from their clients to bolster the ranking of their Apps on the Apple App Store and Android Play Store.


case study outcome
By rebuilding the website on an SEO-friendly CMS, and redesigning the site-architecture and navigation to be Search Engine- and user-friendly, Alpha Peak created the necessary foundation for a successful Organic SEO Campaign.
This Organic SEO Campaign ranked the client on the first page for 2x more keywords than before the redesign—and in the top 3 results for 80%.
The client’s website saw a 12% average increase in organic traffic month-on-month, which then led to a 29% increase in leads.

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